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Hilton Food Group plc is the leading specialist international meat packing business supplying major international retailers from state-of-the-art facilities.


Hilton’s business was established in 1994 to set up and operate a beef and lamb central meat packing facility in Huntingdon, England. Hilton has grown rapidly and now has six factories across Europe plus a joint venture such that our products are sold in supermarkets across 14 European countries. Hilton formed a joint venture with Woolworths, Australia in 2013 which operates two factories and we recently announced that we will be constructing a new meat processing facility in Queensland.

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Hilton Food Group plc Innovation

Innovation is core to Hilton’s strategic approach both in terms of new product development and the range of services we offer to our customers.

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Hilton Food Group plc Careers

Hilton is always looking to recruit high calibre persons in all areas of our businesses.

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