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Hilton Food Group plc is a leading specialist food packing business supplying major international food retailers including Tesco, Ahold, Albert Heijn, ICA, Rimi and Coop Danmark, from state of the art facilities located in six European countries. Founded in 1994, Hilton began its business operating a beef and lamb central meat packing facility in the UK. In the last 24 years the business has grown rapidly through its strong customer relationships to become the largest dedicated packer of red meat in Europe based on revenue. We also operate joint ventures in Australia with Woolworths and in Portugal with Sonae. During 2017 we acquired a fish processor.

With over 3,600 employees, Hilton has factories across Europe and Australia. The Group has operated in the UK since 1994, the Netherlands since 2000, Sweden and Ireland since 2004, Poland since 2006 and Denmark since 2011, packaging beef, lamb and also pork. Growth has been achieved by geographical expansion and product range extensions as well as through the underlying growth in the market achieved by Hilton’s retail customers.

The core of the product range incorporates fresh items such as roasting joints, steaks, chops and minces which are prepared and packaged according to customer specifications. Hilton’s value-added lines include the barbecue ranges, ready to cook, marinated meats and convenience products, such as meat cuts accompanied by serving sauces.

Industry Background

A key development in the market for meat and fish has been the shift by consumers in the latter half of the twentieth century from shopping at high street stores to shopping at increasingly large, price competitive, one-stop supermarkets.

The packaged meat and fish industry has therefore been rationalised into a small number of large scale international operators who can meet the volume, product and packaging innovation requirements of international multiple retailers. 

Supermarkets have focused on sales of private label goods, electing to work with fewer, more efficient suppliers, such as Hilton, with whom they can work closely to guarantee traceability, quality and supply.


Existing Customers

  • Customer sales growth
  • Extra capacity and sales growth
  • Product extensions
  • New product development

New Customers

  • Proven model for new countries
  • Global sourcing expertise

Board of Directors

Experienced Management Team with a Successful Track Record

Chief Executive Robert Watson OBE
Chief Financial Officer Nigel Majewski
Chief Operating Officer  Philip Heffer

Non-Executive Directors

Chairman Colin Smith OBE
Non-Executive Director John Worby
Non-Executive Director Christine Cross


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