Working with Hilton Foods Holland

What It’s Like to Work for Us

We are busy and successful FMCG Company operating within a fast-paced and constantly changing environment.  Our teams of high-calibre specialists work within close-knit teams to achieve top quality results in all areas of the business.

We have an innovative approach to all we do and are always looking for better ways of doing things. This drive for continual improvement is what makes us so successful and to achieve this level of success our people need to be tenacious, results driven, pro-active and willing to do whatever is necessary to serve our customer.

How we Develop our Staff

Training and development of all our staff, is at the very heart of our people philosophy.

Before staff actually can start working in our Production Unit we want to make sure our staff are aware of the Health & Safety rules. Our Health & Safety E-Learning system enables all our staff to become part of our health and safety culture, and ensures safe working practises are standard. 

In addition to basic induction training we have a number of further training programmes which encourage our staff to achieve their full potential.  These programmes range from –

On-the-Job Training

We have a team of dedicated trainers based in our Production Unit, who ensure that new staff are supported and made to feel they are part of the team.

Single point lessons, also called 1-page plans, are an important part in establishing and maintaining our Lean Enterprise System and processes. As the name suggests, a single point lesson is a one page, mini procedure, including a summary of the key points and using photos as much as is practical. It is used to clearly communicate the expectations of a process. Our production environment is made up of many little process steps and procedures to get the work done by our workforce. Single point lessons make the initial training of a new process easier. When they are displayed at the workstation, they are a simple reminder of the expectations of that task. It is much easier to get our operators to meet our production requirements when they have been clearly defined and understood.

We have developed several E-Learning training modules in order to train our staff in an effective way on the process or the machine they are working with. Because our Production Unit consists of multiple processes and machines, this has been proven as a very efficient way of training and enables our employees to work with several machines and processes in the Production Unit.

Professional Accompanying Learning 

We have developed two year training programmes for all non-unique jobs within our business which set out the skills and competencies required for each level from basic operative to leading operative. Staff are trained and encouraged to work their way up within their own areas to a nationally recognised degree (MBO-1, MBO-2, MBO-3).

Dutch language training. Whether our employees stay in the Netherlands is temporary or long term, learning Dutch is important. Being able to communicate in the native language opens doors to the labour market and speeds up social integration. Also in order to take part in professional accompanying learning a basic knowledge of the Dutch language is required. Therefore we provide Dutch language training within the company.

Graduate Trainee Programme

We run a Graduate Trainee programme where we take in several graduates each year with a meat/agriculture background. They work through an internal training programme which sees them working in each department within our business, from Intake through to Product Development, Purchasing, Planning, Production, Technical, Commercial etc.

Personal Development

Staff from all areas within the business who show potential are given off-site training on request. 

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